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Chapter 63 – The University Entrance Exam Is Coming toothpaste exist
Skill: Rookie period fireplace talent (11/300) Starter period an ice pack natural talent (13/300), Starter period entire world talent (12/300), Spiritual Eyesight (beginner step 1.4/10), Demon lotus poison human body (31/10000)
w.a.n.g Teng was already a martial warrior. His leveling up speed later on wouldn’t be poor.
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“What? Twenty mil! Buddy, are you crazy? He’s not about to worry about us any more. How come we still presenting him 15 thousand!” Zhao Gangbao jumped up and looked at Zhao Ganghu in disbelief. He wanted to determine if his sibling got converted insane from fright.
The final human being to obtain his ident.i.ty unit card was w.a.n.g Teng, who emerged latter.
Inside the end…
He would only get more powerful and better.
As it was Lin Chuhan’s turn, everyone was astonished.
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“Do anything you want. You may solve your individual troubles. I don’t prefer to cherish it nowadays.”
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Within the end…
Soon after he completed eating, w.a.n.g Teng moved off to Jixin Martial Home.
“Martial warriors are truly scary. I speculate if it’s a mental effect, but his position is sufficient to suffocate me. Neglect it. I will get it as I’m purchasing serenity and protection.” Zhao Gangbao heaved a air yet again because he comforted him self.
“The Ministry of Education experienced a reform this holiday season and it is enabling intermediate period martial disciples to participate in the martial arts training check-up. Precisely what a pity. You began practicing a tad too overdue.” w.a.n.g Shengguo found it regrettable.
Admirer Weiming explained emotionally while he checked out the little and lively confronts directly below.
“Take your tests appropriately, and don’t spend these three years in your life!”
On the other hand, the consequence was very little. w.a.n.g Teng acquired acquired two digits amount of Handgun Expertise details, but his Gun Kungfu only improved by .8.
“The Ministry of Instruction enjoyed a reform this coming year and its enabling intermediate stage martial disciples to take part in the karate assessment. Precisely what a pity. You began doing a little too later.” w.a.n.g Shengguo found it unfortunate.
“Interesting.” w.a.n.g Teng didn’t assume Zhao Gangbao to realize how to conduct themselves properly in a situation of this nature. However, also, he realized that was probably his more aged sibling, Zhao Ganghu’s, notion.
Empty Feature:
He had almost collected most of the attributes for ‘Five Many years of Martial Arts Training Test, Three Years of Mock Reports.’ Thereby, he didn’t want to go to classes and misuse his time.
Their headteacher, Admirer Weiming, handed out the exam ident.i.ty charge card. Initial, he spread the ordinary university entrance test ident.i.ty notes. Then, he provided the martial arts training assessment styles.
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w.a.n.g Teng also went to the Owl Marksmans.h.i.+p Golf club and tried using obtaining Gun Talent qualities to determine if it aided his Rifle Kungfu attribute.
Students laughed and declared that he was naggy. Even so, they didn’t show any sign of impatience.
Zhao Ganghu sighed on his cardiovascular system. He was stuffed with frustration. He shook his mind and still left the area straight, ignoring his brother.
Aside from all these, he would take a moment to attend Lin Chuhan’s home to venture to the poison baby, Lin Chuxia. During the process, he would get the Demon Lotus Poison Human body and poison Drive characteristics she acquired dropped.
Soon after Fanatic Weiming completed releasing every one of the evaluation ident.i.ty cards, he stated to everybody, “Take an effective rest the future. Have a regimen lifestyle. Don’t slumber too early or too far gone. Modify appropriately and fine-tune your attitude. Reach your test spots earlier over the 5th of July. The test will begin at 8 am razor-sharp. Take things effortless, and don’t be latter!
Forget it, I will allow them to have a surprise in the future.
“That’s perfect. Son, your dad and i also are mentally made. It is possible to grab the examination again next year. Don’t be stressed out,” Li Xiumei concurred together partner and said.
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Enlightenment: 97
Empty Characteristic:
A family sat straight down and chatted on occasion. Unconsciously, they begun to speak about the college or university entry examination.
Struggle Strategies: Standard fight strategies (appearance enlightenment for fist, sword, blade, footwork, stick), Pistol Kungfu (groundwork 1.8/10), Flame Kirin Sword Ability (base 56/100), Phantom Ice Fist (cornerstone 28/100)
He suddenly had a premonition. However, he could only wait for qualitative change to arrive to know what would arise during that time.
The family unit sat straight down and chatted sometimes. Inadvertently, they started to discuss the university front door test.
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At the section, Zhao Gangbao was secretly elated. That satanic man or woman didn’t agree to them. Providing he stayed distant from w.a.n.g Teng later on, there were absolutely nothing to be worried of.
“Do anything you want. It is possible to clear up your complications. I don’t prefer to value it anymore.”
16/100 Ice cubes (1-legend soldier level martial warrior)
It needed him a lot hard work to identify a position which could provide him Heart characteristics. He wouldn’t want to pass up it.
“That’s ideal. Boy, your father plus i are mentally made. It is possible to grab the check-up just as before the new year. Don’t be distressed,” Li Xiumei predetermined along with her husband and stated.
15/100 Globe (an individual-star soldier stage martial warrior)