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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

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Chapter 2133 – Destroy the Files bounce icy
Afterwards, Gu Ning eventually left, but didn’t make the hospital promptly. As an alternative, when she came to the parking lot, she sat in a car, required your pc, switched it on, and connected the limitless transmitting connector of the miniature video camera she set up in the fake Yang Jun’s ward, then she began to enjoy the moves within the room.
In the event it was the scenario, Gu Ning had relationships, so he was reluctant that she may find other research. Because of this, he were required to figure out a way to eliminate other data if there seemed to be any.
Without the need of surprise, the moment Yang Siyuan available half a million yuan, his pal decided, but he would pay only the funds immediately after it was actually completed.
Contemplating that, she started to discuss it with Jing Yunyao.
“Siyuan, in the beginning I didn’t mean to take a look at this situation, but Gu Ning just emerged. I had no decision, but to agree to the exploration. Never fret, the actual result is the very same. I’ll conduct a easy research to offer her a respond.” Shao Chen believed to Yang Siyuan. Up to now, he was still not distrustful of Yang Siyuan. He was quoted saying that to him because he considered Yang Siyuan was simple. On the other hand, following ability to hear that, Yang Siyuan was in a total worry.
“What? Gu Ning went along to the hospital? Why performed she navigate to the hospital? To simply help remind anyone to take a look at the scenario about Yang Jun?” Yang Siyuan requested. His sound sounded a bit anxious.
Why would Gu Ning think it? It was absurd.
“How will you check out it after that?” Yang Siyuan managed his advisable to relax himself down and requested calmly.
Without the need of delight, the moment Yang Siyuan presented half a million yuan, his pal decided, but he would only pay the cash soon after it was completed.
“h.e.l.lo Skip Gu, my surname is Hong. I had an excellent business offer to talk about together with you. Will it be hassle-free for you to have got a reaching?” a guy reported. His color wasn’t very professional and polite, comprising a tip of arrogance. It looked that they wasn’t trying to find a assistance together with her. It sounded just like Gu Ning wished to cooperate with him.
Without delay, Yang Siyuan created a call up as soon as he accomplished his call up with Shao Chen.
Gu Ning didn’t keep without delay, although not since she would head over to safeguard the fake Yang Jun by themselves. She asked Gao Yi into the future. She would hand her computer system to him before leaving behind.
Now several cultivators were definitely concious of the awesome power in Colaine drugs, but not one person understood who distributed the news.
If so, Shao Chen naturally couldn’t uncover the fact. Next, Shao Chen called Yang Siyuan and advised him over it.
Soon after they achieved contract, Gu Ning’s smartphone rang and yes it was a unusual multitude.
“Sure, Miss Gu, thank you so much for reminding me. I’ll proceed to the high school they learned straight into investigate the situation.” Shao Chen quickly thanked Gu Ning and demonstrated his att.i.tude.
Considering the fact that Hong Yifeng became available for Gu Ning, he would head over to see her just after he came to the capital. If so, Gu Ning had a thought to capture him.
Now, he couldn’t just let Shao Chen know about it. He must eradicate the files before Shao Chen went to their institution.
Chapter 2133: Ruin the Computer files
If so, Shao Chen naturally couldn’t uncover the simple truth. Next, Shao Chen termed Yang Siyuan and shared with him concerning this.
In that case, Shao Chen naturally couldn’t learn reality. Afterward, Shao Chen called Yang Siyuan and advised him concerning this.
What he didn’t know was that Gu Ning believed it and had already identified the truth. She was absolutely sure Yang Jun was frank.
Now, he couldn’t simply let Shao Chen be aware of it. He must destroy the data before Shao Chen went along to their institution.
It looked that they simply had to investigate it now, or Gu Ning might report a problem against him to his expert, and his awesome occupation would be over.
Gu Ning would head over to satisfy Hong Yifeng, and Jing Yunyao would arrive following that to injure him. They can catch him before passing him to Miao Jingjing.
After you have meals, Jing Yunyao gained a telephone call from Jing Jining. He told her that Hong Yifeng was out of your cultivation world, nonetheless it wasn’t he who helped bring him out. Hong Yifeng arrived because he learned that there seemed to be mystical electrical power in Colaine medicinal drugs and he became available for Colaine and Gu Ning.
As of this second, the real Yang Jun started to be mad at Gu Ning. Performed she switch him down yesterday for the reason that she already assumed Yang Siyuan’s ideas? Why would she choose to consider Yang Siyuan rather than him?
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Considering that Hong Yifeng became available for Gu Ning, he would visit see her immediately after he came to the capital. If so, Gu Ning experienced an understanding to hook him.
Nevertheless, he still couldn’t sense completely confident, since he was anxious that Gu Ning would get involved in cases like this. He couldn’t realise why Gu Ning performed that. There were no relationships.h.i.+p between Yang Siyuan and her of course. Have she make it happen merely because she was kind and valuable?
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Immediately after Gu Ning left behind a healthcare facility, she traveled to her corporation. Before too long, it was time for meal, so she given back on the siheyuan.